Dayton, OH’s RED HOT REBELLION has announced the release of its first full-length record. The self-titled album, mixed and mastered by Stephen Egerton of THE DESCENDENTS, will be made available on February 7, 2012, in vinyl, CD and digital formats.
Recommended If You Like: Supersuckers, Nashville Pussy, Social Distortion, Electric Frankenstein, Zeke, Fu Manchu, Danko Jones, Turbonegro, Hellacopters, Valient Thorr, Motorhead.
Red Hot Rebellion calls itself punk’n’roll, and the band’s brand of punk rock is a throwback to when music was less polished and less produced. At times bringing elements of garage rock, Red Hot Rebellion is aggressive and straightforward, while still highlighting an accessibility making the record an easy listen.
In a unique package, Red Hot Rebellion is including a comic book with its album. Whether listeners want the transparent red vinyl or CD format, they will receive a 10-page comic book, illustrated by Peter Wonsowski and written by Red Hot Rebellion lead vocalist/bassist Jim Tramontana, that goes along with the music. Each page of the comic corresponds to a track on the album, creating a singular audio-visual concept album experience.
The record is now available for presale here. We also have three FREE songs available for download here as a preview of the record, and these can be posted on your website or blog and distributed for the public. Finally, the band’s music video for “For the Benefit of Evil” can be viewed here.
We have advances of the record available for press outlets and we’re distributing them for review. Please send interview or album advance requests to exit384media@gmail.com.
More About Red Hot Rebellion:
RED HOT REBELLION was formed in the bowels of The Gem City (Dayton, Ohio) with a singular goal: To rebel against the watered-down excuse for rock of the status quo.
Their music is loud, fast, and furious — perhaps a throw-back to a simpler time when rock was fun and full of energy. When music was more important than fashion. When intensity was more exciting than whining about break-ups and heartache. When a Les Paul and a Marshall half-stack could rattle your bones and shake your blood.
By blending together punk, blues, garage and classic rock into a full frontal assault on the senses, Red Hot Rebellion creates a sound that they call “The Soundtrack to a Bar Fight.”

Red Hot Rebellion tracklist:

  1. Wait And See
  2. Built To Rock
  3. For The Benefit of Evil
  4. Hellfire
  5. I’m Coming Over
  6. Wild One
  7. Devil’s Rope
  8. Cooking With Gas
  9. Open Wide and Say Awesome (D.F.F.)
  10. Two Fisting
  • Release date: 02/07/2012
  • Web address: www.redhotrebellion.com
  • Genre classification: Punk n Roll / Garage 
  • Home: Dayton, Ohio
  • "Recommended if you like" suggestions - RIYL:  Supersuckers, Nashville Pussy, Social Distortion, Electric Frankenstein, Zeke, Fu Manchu, Danko Jones, Turbonegro, Hellacopters, Valient Thorr, Motorhead
THREE FREE SONG PROMOTION for general public: http://promo.redhotrebellion.com Please post!
PRE-SALE of album linkhttp://presale.redhotrebellion.com 

MUSIC VIDEO for “For the Benefit of Motion”www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Wi9qLtgl-Q 

Other notable promotions: running a giveaway at http://modernvinyl.wordpress.com/ soon. Giving away 3 LP+CD+Comic+Tshirt combos.

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