Tin Horn Prayer and Rob Huddleston To Release Split EP Through Paper + Plastick Records

Paper + Plastick Records is excited to announce today a brand-new split EP from Denver’s Tin Horn Prayer and Richmond, Va.’s Rob Huddleston (Ann Beretta, Foundation, Inquisition). The split will be released on May 22nd and be available digitally and on 7” vinyl.

Tin Horn Prayer, an alumnus of, and its six members play a brand of rock and roll that has as much Tom Waits in it as it does today’s gruff-punk. Meanwhile, Huddleston, the frontman of the adored Ann Beretta and his solo project, Foundation, brings a more stripped-down, acoustic element to the split.
“We share many of the same influences but sound very different,” Huddleston says of Tin Horn Prayer. “We have similar song writing themes and styles but fairly different execution. I think for me it’s also an opportunity to have my music heard by a new audience and I hope to be able to do the same for them.”
The split will contain two songs from each band, and new songs from each of the groups will be released in the coming weeks. For Tin Horn Prayer, the split contains two songs from an upcoming full-length titled Grapple the Rails, which the band recently finished recording. For Huddleston, the split is one of many smaller releases that will see over three albums of recently recorded material making its way to the public.
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More about Tin Horn Prayer:
Pinning down the sound of Tin Horn Prayer is a fool’s game. Punk attitude, country woodgrain and Tom Waits nightmare carnival music all play a part, but even that motley mixture doesn’t quite describe the weirdness that ensues when former members of some legendary Denver acts get together. Tin Horn Prayer’s music is filled with beer-soaked anger, wine-soaked misery and whiskey-soaked regret. The music staggers and struts like the guy at the end of the bar who started the night looking for love, but is now just looking for a fight. It’s raucous, ramshackle and raw, but the veterans in Tin Horn Prayer have the songwriting sophistication, expert showmanship and musical chops to pull it off. 
In 2010, the band released Get Busy Dying on Bermuda Mohawk Records. Currently the band is in the studio recording their follow-up album, Grapple the Rails
Their current split 7” with Rob Huddleston is a sampling of two songs from the upcoming album and a glimpse into where the band’s sound is heading. 
More about Rob Huddleston:
Rob Huddleston’s time in the music scene has been far reaching. He was the founder and frontman of punk outfit Ann Beretta from 1996-2004 and began playing solo acoustic shows as early as 1995. Huddleston was ahead of the curve, stripping down his punk anthems and turning them into a one man show long before it was en vogue. His intention was to show that great songs can be slowed down and whittled away to their core elements and still pack the needed punch to captivate an audience.
After the release of the first self-titled Foundation record in 2001 on Fueled by Ramen and the subsequent tours that followed, Huddleston decided to expand on his solo project and invited some close friends to join his ranks. In late 2006, Foundation began performing as a full band whose set was comprised of songs from the self-titled full length as well as the new material Huddleston had been composing.
In 2008 Huddleston rejoined forces with Vinnie Fiorello the ex-owner of Fueled By Ramen to bring this new reincarnation of Foundation to life. Vinnie’s new multimedia label Paper + Plastick seemed to be an ideal place for Huddleston to showcase his new rendition of an old band with an old friend. Chimborazo was released in 2009.
Now, Huddleston is currently in studio recording about three albums worth of material including some new Ann Beretta songs. There are no real plans for how or when the songs will be released, but multiple smaller releases (EPs, splits, comps, etc) are likely.
With the recent shut down of Lookout Records and the upcoming 15th anniversary of the release of Ann Beretta’s first album, Bitter Tongues, Huddleston is working on finding a way to re-issue the first three Ann Beretta albums in deluxe fashion with bonus material, including unreleased songs, demos, live recordings and more. Plans are also in the works to get moving on the Ann Beretta comic that Huddleston has wanted to do for over a decade. A recent submission of a preliminary concept sketch of the Ann Beretta character placed in the top 100 of several thousand entries in a contest sponsored by Stan Lee and Todd McFarlane.
Huddleston plans on touring Europe in the fall and playing as many solo and full band dates in the states and Canada as he can throughout the year. Other than that, he spends his time being a dad to an almost-4-year-old son who’s already told him that some day he’s “gonna rock the main stage when (he) grows up.”

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