Foreign Tongues To Release Self-Titled Cassette and 7” Through Paper + Plastick Records

New Hampshire/Massachusetts-based indie-punk band Foreign Tongues will release its self-titled EP on cassette and 7” vinyl through Paper + Plastick Records.
Drawing influences from Pavement, Sunny Day Real Estate, Nirvana and Dinosaur Jr., Foreign Tongues’ debut EP is five songs that sound different on the surface, but have underlying ties between them. It is a dynamic piece of music especially for such a young band, and involves listeners to the point that the EP feels much longer than it really is.
“I love that their music goes up and down from light to heavy,” Paper + Plastick owner Vinnie Fiorello says. “They can create an atmosphere in different songs and in different parts of songs, it’s very dynamic and takes you on a ride. The songs are heavy and light and have hooks and is still angry all at the same time.
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Foreign Tongues’ entire EP can be streamed on their Bandcamp. Digital copies will be available through Paper + Plastick Records soon and cassette preorders will be coming in the near future. You can watch a video of the band playing “Maps of the Sky” here, and the video is also embeddable.
We would love a news post announcing the news and linking to the stream of the EP. Email Thomas Nassiff at exit384media@gmail.com for any press requests, including review copies and interview requests.

Foreign Tongues - Foreign Tongues
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More about Foreign Tongues:

Writing a bio for Foreign Tongues is kind of like trying to describe an episode of Boy Meets World, but don’t run away yet just because I said that. An episode of Boy Meets World is a complex organism. For every funny or cute moment, there is a life lesson to be learned. And the life lesson can be learned both by the pre-teen middle-school viewer and his parent. In short, Boy Meets World never really becomes irrelevant.
A Foreign Tongues release is a similarly complex experience. You can hear traces of Dinosaur Jr. There is some Sunny Day Real Estate and Pavement here. There is a lot of Nirvana here. And the New Hampshire/Massachusetts natives’ five-track self-titled EP was produced by Jay Maas of Defeater, so there is a certain distinguishable hardcore sound present.
The convergence of these influences produces a five-song EP where no song sounds like another, a result of going into the studio without a specific “sound” in mind. There is a common undertone that connects the songs to each other, something that fans of Balance and Composure, Tigers Jaw and Nirvana will appreciate.
Foreign Tongues’ self-titled EP is online now and will be seeing vinyl and cassette releases in the near future by Paper + Plastick Records.
Foreign Tongues is:
Cameron Moretti - Vocals
James Scuderi - Guitars
Sean Harrington - Guitars
Nick Holman - Guitars
Andy Tamulonis - Bass
Joey Barthlette - Drums, Percussion

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