Paper + Plastick Records Introduces Story/Song Comic Book/Music Venture

Today Paper + Plastick Records has announced a new joint comic book and music venture that it is calling “Story/Song.” The project will involve a newly recorded version of an existing song from an artist or band and a 12-page graphic novel to accompany it.
The 12-page story will be based on the song at hand, and each story will be self-contained, although there may be recurring characters at times. The graphic novels will be available for download along with the new, exclusive versions of the songs in the Paper + Plastick webstore.
The first installation of “Story/Song” will be with Tony Sly and Matt Anderson will write the script. Anderson, who has worked with Paper + Plastick previously on the “50 States” webcomic series, describes “Story/Song” as “the reverse of compiling a soundtrack for a movie.”

“In this case, you have the songs that complement the story,” Anderson says. “We already have the soundtrack in the song, and are now trying to create a story that complements it. The stories will not be a literal adaptation of the song’s lyrics but will use the lyrics as a foundation to build something entirely new.
Look out for the first installation of “Story/Song” with Tony Sly in late May. Email Thomas Nassiff at exit384media@gmail.com if you have any press requests related to “Story/Song” or Paper + Plastick Records.

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